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I’m sure that if an Islamist party would have scored a landslide in the Finnish general election in April and would now be the third largest party in the parliament, they would be scurrying for cover and making up excuses in the event of a jihadist terror attack on Scandinavia.

But as fate would have it, the terrorist this time was a white Norwegian with a rabidly anti-Islam agenda, and those finding themselves haunted by their own words are not Muslim demagogues but the murderer’s fellow islamophobes.

Even so, their reaction is just as predictable:

“True Finns Party MP Jussi Halla-aho says that he feels that a witch-hunt has started against him and free speech after the Norway tragedy. In an interview with AFP, he said that things are completely out of control.

‘We have people in political and civil circles who have attacked free speech for years and this has just given them a new stick’, Halla-aho told AFP.”

Lest anyone is confused as to what exactly has been “attacked”, here’s a short refresher on Halla-aho’s blog writing:

On social democrats:

“I find it difficult to imagine a lower form of reptile in the universe than the Scandinavian social democrat. A particularly slimy subspecies of this reptile is the Swedish social democrat.”

On left-wing activists:

“What does a fish do? It swims. How do you stop a fish from swimming? You kill it. What does a leftist hooligan do? He throws rocks. How do you stop a leftist hooligan from throwing rocks?”

On Muslim rapists and Green women:

“The number of rapes will increase no matter what. Because more women will be raped in any case, I sincerely wish that the predators who randomly choose their prey will pick the right women. Greenish-leftist do-gooders and their voters. Better them than someone else.”

On being offered sexual favours by a gay man:

“[…] I thought for a moment whether I should go upstairs, get a gun and shoot him in the head. Would the resulting bliss be so great as to outweigh the upset over a jail sentence? These days violence is an underrated method for solving problems.”

On why he wouldn’t intervene if he saw an immigrant raping a woman:

“I would not in the least want to risk a situation where I would have to pay damages for ‘pain and suffering’ to some piece of human filth from the Horn of Africa. In such a situation I can well imagine losing my self-restraint and killing both the judge and the piece of filth with his ‘pain and suffering’, along with his lawyer.”

And that’s just the tame stuff. Of course, where the imagery really gets interesting is when he lets loose on Islam.

Halla-aho (who is also chairman of the parliament’s Administration Committee, which is in charge of, among other things, immigration and gun laws) likes to point out that the oft-quoted blog posts are old, which is true, implying that he has since wisened up, which is not. Here’s his Facebook update after the Oslo attacks:

“For your information, I do not regret anything I have written, take no responsibility for Breivik’s actions and intend to continue on the same path, because bad immigration is bad and multiculturalism sucks ass despite and regardless of Breivik’s deed.”

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